We offer a range of grass to suit all budgets going up to around £30 per square meter. The installation cost is quoted on a site by site basis as it takes into account things such as access points and the time to prepare the site before installing the grass.
The artificial lawn has a higher initial cost to purchase per sq meter but over the course of 10-12 years it pays for itself with less care/time needed each year on maintenance/reseeding and mowing.
Yes indeed. It’s perfect for both and very easy to clean up after either kids or pets!
The way we install the grass makes it look as real as possible. We install it in a way that takes into account the surroundings such as the contour of the land so it doesn’t look “completely perfect” and overly fake lawn looking.
Very little maintenance is needed which is one of the great features of having artificial lawn over real grass lawn. We offer a yearly maintenance package which includes a jet wash and brush/rebuff, but customers can also clean the lawn by vacuuming it or brushing with a stiff broom when needed.
We are based in Witney, Oxfordshire and generally cover Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. However, if you are outside of these areas then please call us to discuss your requirements and we can talk further.
The artificial lawns we install have a high UV protection that comes with a warranty. Typically the lawns will last 10-12 years depending on usage. This really depends on your budget and the quality bought.
No. The high UV protection gives the artificial lawn longevity so the colour and look of the grass remains the same as if it was just installed!
It really depends on the size of the lawn required, access in and out of the site but we usually say 1-2 days on average. Once we have surveyed the garden we can give a better idea as to how long we think it will take.
Similar to laying paving, we use a base later of aggregates to allow for drainage. Depending on the ground that it’s to be laid on depends on how deep we need the bed of aggregates to be. The artificial lawns also have drainage holes to prevent any surface water standing for a long time.
The actual backing is made up of a durable latex and the grass is made of plastic. More and more of our products are made from recycled plastics and we are looking into this more in the future.
Customers can measure their own garden taking the longest length and width. However, we will measure the area when we do a free site survey and often find that customers measurements are more than ours.
We typically carry around 10 different types of samples but have access to more. The artificial grass comes in differing colours, length and density giving you a very varied option to choose from. We will talk to you about how the grass is intended for use and how you want the feel of the grass and be able to make recommendations.
No, the rain will easily drain away and any frost just stiffens up the grass which can easily be removed using a firm brush.